Important version information!

You are browsing a class reference for deprecated Version 2 of the JavaScript Charts.

Documentation for other versions: amCharts 4 (current) or amCharts 3.


AmChart is a base class of all charts. It can not be instantiated explicitly. AmCoordinateChart, AmPieChart and AmMap extend AmChart class.


backgroundColorString#FFFFFFBackground color. You should set backgroundAlpha to >0 value in order background to be visible. We recommend setting background color directly on a chart's DIV instead of using this property.
balloonAmBalloonAmBalloonThe chart creates AmBalloon class itself. If you want to customize balloon, get balloon instance using this property, and then change balloon's properties.
borderAlphaNumber0Opacity of chart's border. Value range is 0 - 1.
borderColorString#000000Color of chart's border. You should set borderAlpha >0 in order border to be visible. We recommend setting border color directly on a chart's DIV instead of using this property.
colorString#000000Text color.
dataProviderArrayArray of data objects, for example: [{country:"US", value:524},{country:"UK", value:624},{country:"Lithuania", value:824}]. You can have any number of fields and use any field names. In case of AmMap, data provider should be MapData object.
fontFamilyStringVerdanaFont family.
fontSizeNumber11Font size.
heightNumber/String100%Height of a chart. "100%" means the chart's height will be equal to it's container's (DIV) height and will resize if height of the container changes. Set a number instead of percents if your chart's size needs to be fixed.
legendDivDIV objectReference to the div of the legend.
numberFormatterObject{precision:-1, decimalSeparator:'.', thousandsSeparator:','}Object with precision, decimalSeparator and thousandsSeparator set which will be used for number formatting. Precision set to -1 means that values won't be rounded.
panEventsEnabledBooleanfalseThis setting affects touch-screen devices only. If a chart is on a page, and panEventsEnabled are set to true, the page won't move if the user touches the chart first. If a chart is big enough and occupies all the screen of your touch device, the user won’t be able to move the page at all. That's why the default value is "false". If you think that selecting/panning the chart or moving/pinching the map is a primary purpose of your users, you should set panEventsEnabled to true.
pathToImagesStringSpecifies path to the folder where images like resize grips, lens and similar are.
percentFormatterObject{precision:2, decimalSeparator:'.', thousandsSeparator:','}Object with precision, decimalSeparator and thousandsSeparator set which will be used for formatting percent values.
prefixesOfBigNumbersArray[{number:1e+3,prefix:"k"},{number:1e+6,prefix:"M"},{number:1e+9,prefix:"G"},{number:1e+12,prefix:"T"},{number:1e+15,prefix:"P"},{number:1e+18,prefix:"E"},{number:1e+21,prefix:"Z"},{number:1e+24,prefix:"Y"}]Prefixes which are used to make big numbers shorter: 2M instead of 2000000, etc. Prefixes are used on value axes and in the legend. To enable prefixes, set usePrefixes property to true.
prefixesOfSmallNumbersArray[{number:1e-24, prefix:"y"},{number:1e-21, prefix:"z"},{number:1e-18, prefix:"a"},{number:1e-15, prefix:"f"},{number:1e-12, prefix:"p"},{number:1e-9, prefix:"n"},{number:1e-6, prefix:"μ"},{number:1e-3, prefix:"m"}]Prefixes which are used to make small numbers shorter: 2μ instead of 0.000002, etc. Prefixes are used on value axes and in the legend. To enable prefixes, set usePrefixes property to true.
usePrefixesBooleanfalseIf true, prefixes will be used for big and small numbers. You can set arrays of prefixes via prefixesOfSmallNumbers and prefixesOfBigNumbers properties.
versionStringRead-only. Indicates current version of a script.


addLabel(x, y, text, align, size, color, rotation, alpha, bold, url)x - horizontal coordinate y - vertical coordinate text - label's text align - alignment (left/right/center) size - text size color - text color rotation - angle of rotation alpha - label alpha bold - specifies if text is bold (true/false), url - url of a Adds a label on a chart. You can use it for labeling axes, adding chart title, etc. x and y coordinates can be set in number, percent, or a number with ! in front of it - coordinate will be calculated from right or bottom instead of left or top.
addLegend(legend, legendDivID)legend - AmLegend, legendDivID - id or reference to legend div (optional)Adds a legend to the chart. By default, you don't need to create div for your legend, however if you want it to be positioned in some different way, you can create div anywhere you want and pass id or reference to your div as a second parameter. (NOTE: This method will not work on StockPanel.)
addListener(type, handler)type - string like 'dataUpdated' (should be listed in 'events' section of this class or classes which extend this class). handler - function which is called when event happensAdds event listener to the object.
addTitle(text, size, color, alpha, bold)text - text of a title size - font size color - title color alpha - title opacity bold - boolean value indicating if title should be bold.Adds title to the top of the chart. Pie, Radar positions are updated so that they won't overlap. Plot area of Serial/XY chart is also updated unless autoMargins property is set to false. You can add any number of titles - each of them will be placed in a new line. To remove titles, simply clear titles array: chart.titles = []; and call chart.validateNow() method.
clear()Clears the chart area, intervals, etc.
clearLabels()Removes all labels added to the chart.
invalidateSize()Use this method to force the chart to resize to it's current container size.
removeLegend()Removes chart's legend.
removeListener(chart, type, handler)chart - chart object, type - event name, handler - methodRemoves event listener from chart object.
validateData()This method should be called after data in your data provider changed or a new array was set to dataProvider. After calling this method the chart will parse data and redraw.
validateNow()This method should be called after you changed one or more properties of any class. The chart will redraw after this method is called.
write(container)container - id of a DIV or DIV object which will hold the chartAdds chart to the specified DIV.


NameEvent objectDescription
dataUpdated{type:"dataUpdated", chart:AmChart}Dispatched when chart is build for the first time or after validateData() method was called.
init{type:"init", chart:AmChart}Dispatched when chart is build for the first time.
rendered{type:"rendered", chart:AmChart}Dispatched when the chart is build for the first time.