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You are browsing a class reference for deprecated Version 2 of the JavaScript Charts.

Documentation for other versions: amCharts 4 (current) or amCharts 3.


ValueAxesSettings settings set's settings for all ValueAxes. If you change a property after the chart is initialized, you should call stockChart.validateNow() method in order for it to work. If there is no default value specified, default value of ValueAxis class will be used.


autoGridCountBooleantrueSpecifies whether number for gridCount is specified automatically, according to the axis size.
axisAlphaNumber0Axis opacity.
axisColorString Axis color.
axisThicknessNumber Thickness of the axis.
colorString Label color.
dashLengthNumber Length of a dash. By default, the grid line is not dashed.
fillAlphaNumber Fill opacity. Every second space between grid lines can be filled with color.
fillColorString Fill color. Every second space between grid lines can be filled with color. Set fillAlpha to a value greater than 0 to see the fills.
gridAlphaNumber Opacity of grid lines.
gridColorString Color of grid lines.
gridCountNumber Approximate number of grid lines. autoGridCount should be set to false, otherwise this property will be ignored.
gridThicknessNumber Thickness of grid lines.
includeGuidesInMinMaxBoolean Specifies whether guide values should be included when calculating min and max of the axis.
includeHiddenBoolean If true, the axis will include hidden graphs when calculating min and max values.
insideBooleantrueSpecifies whether values should be placed inside or outside plot area. In case you set this to false, you'll have to adjust marginLeft or marginRight in [[PanelsSettings]] in order labels to be visible.
integersOnlyBoolean Specifies whether values on axis can only be integers or both integers and doubles.
labelFrequencyNumber Frequency at which labels should be placed.
labelsEnabledBoolean Specifies whether value labels are displayed.
logarithmicBoolean Set to true if value axis is logarithmic, false otherwise.
offsetNumber The distance of the axis to the plot area, in pixels. Useful if you have more then one axis on the same side.
positionString Position of the value axis. Possible values are "left" and "right".
reversedBoolean Set to true if value axis is reversed (smaller values on top), false otherwise.
showFirstLabelBoolean Specifies if first label of value axis should be displayed.
showLastLabelBoolean Specifies if last label of value axis should be displayed.
stackTypeString Stacking mode of the axis. Possible values are: "none", "regular", "100%", "3d".
tickLengthNumber0Tick length.
unitString Unit which will be added to the value label.
unitPositionString Position of the unit. Possible values are "left" or "right".


ValueAxesSettings class does not have any methods.


ValueAxesSettings class does not have any events.