Creates the controls for the map to change the zoom level and pan around the map.


var map = AmCharts.makeChart("mapdiv",{
	"zoomControl": {
		"zoomControlEnabled": true


bottomNumberDistance from left side of map container to the zoom control.
buttonBorderAlphaNumber0.1Button border opacity.
buttonBorderColorColor#000000Color of button borders.
buttonBorderThicknessNumber1Button border thickness.
buttonColorHoverColor#FF0000Button roll-over color.
buttonCornerRadiusNumber2Button corner radius.
buttonFillAlphaNumber1Button fill opacity.
buttonFillColorColor#FFFFFFButton fill color.
buttonIconAlphaNumber1Opacity of button icons.
buttonIconColorColor#000000Button icon color.
buttonRollOverColorColor#DADADAButton roll-over color.
buttonSizeNumber31Size of buttons.
draggerAlphaNumber0Opacity of a dragger.
gridAlphaNumber0Opacity of zoom-grid.
gridBackgroundAlphaNumber0Opacity of background under zoom-grid.
gridBackgroundColorColor#000000Color of background under zoom-grid.
gridColorColor#000000Grid color.
gridHeightNumber5Zoom grid height in pixels.
homeButtonEnabledBooleantrueSpecifies if home button is visible or not.
homeIconColorColor#FFFFFFHome icon color.
homeIconFileStringhomeIcon.gifFile name of home icon. You can also find homeIconWhite.gif in the images folder, or you can create your own image.

Important: This setting is ignored by default because Map uses SVG paths for all controls. To enable this feature set map's ZoomControl.svgIcons to false.
iconSizeNumber11Size of icons. You might need to change size of icon gif files if you change this property.
leftNumber10Distance from left side of map container to the zoom control.
maxZoomLevelNumber64Max zoom level.
minZoomLevelNumber1Min zoom level.
panControlEnabledBooleanfalseSpecifies if pan control is enabled.
panStepSizeNumber0.1Specifies by what part of a map container width/height the map will be moved when user clicks on pan arrows.
NumberDistance from right side of map container to the zoom control.
roundButtonsBooleantrueSpecifies if buttons should be round or not (rectangular).
topNumber10Distance from top of map container to the zoom control.
zoomControlEnabled BooleantrueSpecifies if zoom control is enabled.
zoomFactorNumber2zoomFactor is a number by which current scale will be multiplied when user clicks on zoom in button or divided when user clicks on zoom-out button.


ZoomControl class does not have any methods.


ZoomControl class does not have any events.