SerialDataItem holds all the information about each series. When working with a chart, you do not create SerialDataItem objects or change it's properties directly. Consider properties of a SerialDataItem read-only - change values in chart's data provider if you need to. When serial chart parses dataProvider, it generates "chartData" array. Objects of this array are SerialDataItem objects.


axesObjectYou can access each GraphDataItem using this object. The data structure is: graphDataItem = serialDataItem.axes[axisId].graphs[graphId].
categoryStringcategory value. String if parseDates is false, Date if true.
dataContextObjectReference to original data object, from dataProvider.
timeNumberTime stamp of a series date. Avalable only if parseDates property of CategoryAxis is set to true.
xNumberCoordinate (horizontal or vertical, depends on chart's rotate property) of the series.


SerialDataItem class does not have any methods.


SerialDataItem class does not have any events.