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You are browsing a class reference for deprecated Version 2 of the JavaScript Charts.

Documentation for other versions: amCharts 4 (current) or amCharts 3.


LinesSettings is a class which holds common settings of all MapLine Objects.


arrowStringnonePosition of the arrows. Possible values are "start", "end", "middle", "both" and "none".
arrowAlphaNumber1Opacity of the arrows.
arrowColorStringundefinedArrow color. Will use line color if not set.
arrowSizeNumber10Size of the arrows.
balloonTextString[[title]]Text which is displayed in a roll-over balloon. You can use the following tags: [[title]], [[description]], [[value]] and [[percent]]
colorString#990000Line color.
dashLengthNumber0Length of a dash. 0 means line is not dashed.
descriptionWindowHeightNumberHeight of a description window.
descriptionWindowWidthNumber250Width of a description window.
descriptionWindowXNumberX position of a description window.
descriptionWindowYNumberY position of a description window.
thicknessNumber1Line thickness.


LinesSettings class does not have any methods.


LinesSettings class does not have any events.