Creates the legend for the chart, automatically adapts the color settings of the graphs.


var chart = AmCharts.makeChart("chartdiv",{
  "legend": {
    "useGraphSettings": true


accessibleLabelString[[title]]Text which screen readers will read if user rolls-over the element or sets focus on it using tab key (this is possible only if tabIndex property of AmLegend is set to some number). Text is added as aria-label tag. Note - not all screen readers and browsers support this.
alignStringleftAlignment of legend entries. Possible values are: "left", "center", "right".
autoMarginsBooleantrueUsed if chart is Serial or XY. In case true, margins of the legend are adjusted and made equal to chart's margins.
backgroundAlphaNumber0Opacity of legend's background. Value range is 0 - 1
backgroundColorColor#FFFFFFBackground color. You should set backgroundAlpha to >0 vallue in order background to be visible.
borderAlphaNumber0Opacity of chart's border. Value range is 0 - 1.
borderColorColor#000000Color of legend's border. You should set borderAlpha >0 in order border to be visible.
bottomNumberIn case legend position is set to "absolute", you can set distance from bottom of the chart, in pixels.
colorColor#000000Text color.
combineLegendBooleanfalseIf you set it to true, and you have some legend items set using property, both graph’s entries and those added using data property will be displayed.
dataArray[Object]You can pass array of objects with title, color, markerType values, for example: [{title: "One", color: "#3366CC"},{title: "Two", color: "#FFCC33"}]
divIdStringYou can set id of a div or a reference to div object in case you want the legend to be placed in a separate container.
enabledBooleantrueSpecifies if legend is enabled or not.
equalWidthsBooleantrueSpecifies if each of legend entry should be equal to the most wide entry. Won't look good if legend has more than one line.
fontSizeNumber11Font size.
forceWidthBooleanfalseIf you set this property to true, width of legend item labels won't be adjusted. Useful when you have more than one chart and want to align all the legends.
gradientRotationNumberCan be used if legend uses custom data. Set it to 0, 90, 180 or 270.
horizontalGapNumber0Horizontal space between legend item and left/right border.
labelTextString[[title]]The text which will be displayed in the legend. Tag [[title]] will be replaced with the title of the graph.
labelWidthNumberIf width of the label is bigger than labelWidth, it will be wrapped.
leftNumberIn case legend position is set to "absolute", you can set distance from left side of the chart, in pixels.
listenersArray[Object]You can add listeners of events using this property. Example: listeners = [{"event":"clickLabel", "method":handleEvent}];
marginBottomNumber0Bottom margin.
marginLeftNumber20Left margin. This property will be ignored if chart is Serial or XY and autoMargins property of the legend is true (default).
marginRightNumber20Right margin. This property will be ignored if chart is Serial or XY and autoMargins property of the legend is true (default).
marginTopNumber0Top margin.
markerBorderAlphaNumber1Marker border opacity.
markerBorderColorColorMarker border color. If not set, will use the same color as marker.
markerBorderThicknessNumber1Thickness of the legend border. The default value (0) means the line will be a "hairline" (1 px). In case marker type is line, this style will be used for line thickness.
markerDisabledColorColor#AAB3B3The color of the disabled marker (when the graph is hidden).
markerLabelGapNumber5Space between legend marker and legend text, in pixels.
markerSizeNumber16Size of the legend marker (key).
markerTypeStringsquareShape of the legend marker (key). Possible values are: square, circle, diamond, triangleUp, triangleDown, triangleLeft, triangleDown, bubble, line, none.
maxColumnsNumberMaximum number of columns in the legend. If Legend's position is set to "right" or "left", maxColumns is automatically set to 1.
periodValueTextStringThe text which will be displayed in the value portion of the legend when user is not hovering above any data point. The tags should be made out of two parts - the name of a field (value / open / close / high / low) and the value of the period you want to be show - open / close / high / low / sum / average / count. For example: [[value.sum]] means that sum of all data points of value field in the selected period will be displayed.
positionStringbottomPosition of a legend. Possible values are: "bottom", "top", "left", "right" and "absolute". In case "absolute", you should set left and top properties too. (this setting is ignored in Stock charts). In case legend is used with AmMap, position is set to "absolute" automatically.
reversedOrderBooleanfalseSpecifies whether legend entries should be placed in reversed order.
NumberIn case legend position is set to "absolute", you can set distance from right side of the chart, in pixels.
rollOverColorColor#CC0000Legend item text color on roll-over.
rollOverGraphAlphaNumber1When you roll-over the legend entry, all other graphs can reduce their opacity, so that the graph you rolled-over would be distinguished. This style specifies the opacity of the non-hovered graphs.
showEntriesBooleantrueYou can use this property to turn all the legend entries off.
spacingNumber10Horizontal space between legend items, in pixels.
switchableBooleantrueWhether showing/hiding of graphs by clicking on the legend marker is enabled or not. In case legend is used with AmMap, this is set to false automatically.
switchColorColor#FFFFFFLegend switch color.
switchTypeStringxLegend switch type (in case the legend is switchable). Possible values are "x" and "v".
tabIndexNumberIn case you set it to some number, the chart will set focus on legend entry when user clicks tab key. When a focus is set, screen readers like NVDA Screen reader will read label which is set using accessibleLabel property of AmLegend. If legend has switchable set to true, pressing Enter (Return) key will show/hide the graph. Note, not all browsers and readers support this.
textClickEnabledBooleanfalseIf true, clicking on the text will show/hide balloon of the graph. Otherwise it will show/hide graph/slice, if switchable is set to true.
topNumberIn case legend position is set to "absolute", you can set distance from top of the chart, in pixels.
useGraphSettingsBooleanfalseLegend markers can mirror graph’s settings, displaying a line and a real bullet as in the graph itself. Set this property to true if you want to enable this feature. Note, if you set graph colors in dataProvider, they will not be reflected in the marker.
useMarkerColorForLabelsBooleanfalseLabels will use marker color if you set this to true.
useMarkerColorForValuesBooleanfalseSpecifies if legend values should be use same color as corresponding markers.
valueAlignStringrightAlignment of the value text. Possible values are "left" and "right".
valueFunctionYou can use it to format value labels in any way you want. Legend will call this method and will pass GraphDataItem and formatted text of currently hovered item (works only with ChartCursor added to the chart). This method should return string which will be displayed as value in the legend.
valueTextString[[value]]The text which will be displayed in the value portion of the legend. You can use tags like [[value]], [[open]], [[high]], [[low]], [[close]], [[percents]], [[description]].
valueWidthNumber50Width of the value text.
verticalGapNumber10Vertical space between legend items also between legend border and first and last legend row.
widthNumberWidth of a legend, when position is set to absolute.


addListener(type, handler)type - string like 'clickLabel' (should be listed in 'events' section of this class or classes which extend this class). handler - function which is called when event happensAdds event listener to the object.
removeListener(legend, type, handler)Removes event listener from the legend object.


NameEvent objectDescription
clickLabel{type:"clickLabel", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when legend label is clicked.
clickMarker{type:"clickMarker", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when legend marker is clicked.
hideItem{type:"hideItem", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when user clicks on a legend item marker and hides corresponding object.
rollOutItem{type:"rollOutItem", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when user rolls-out of the legend item label (or whole item, if switchable is set to false).
rollOverItem{type:"rollOverItem", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when user rolls-over the legend item label (or whole item, if switchable is set to false).
rollOverMarker{type:"rollOverMarker", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when user rolls-over the legend item marker.
showItem{type:"showItem", dataItem:Object, chart:AmChart}Dispatched when user clicks on a legend item marker and shows corresponding object.