ChartScrollbarSettings settings set's settings for chart scrollbar. If you change a property after the chart is initialized, you should call stockChart.validateNow() method in order for it to work. If there is no default value specified, default value of ChartScrollbar class will be used.


autoGridCountBooleantrueSpecifies whether number of gridCount is specified automatically, according to the axis size.
backgroundAlphaNumberBackground opacity.
backgroundColorColorBackground color of the scrollbar.
colorColorText color.
dragIconHeightNumber18Height of resize grip image. Note, you should also update the image in amcharts/images folder if you don't want it to be distorted because of resizing.
dragIconWidthNumber11Width of resize grip image. Note, you should also update the image in amcharts/images folder if you don't want it to be distorted because of resizing.
enabledBooleantrueSet false if you don't need scrollbar.
fontSizeNumberFont size.
graphAmGraphSpecifies which graph will be displayed in the scrollbar.
graphFillAlphaNumberGraph fill opacity.
graphFillColorColorGraph fill color.
graphLineAlphaNumberGraph line opacity.
graphLineColorColorGraph line color.
graphTypeStringType of chart scrollbar's graph. By default the graph type is the same as the original graph's type, however in case of candlestick or ohlc you might want to show line graph in the scrollbar. Possible values are: line, column, step, smoothedLine, candlestick, ohlc.
gridAlphaNumberGrid opacity.
gridColorColorGrid color.
gridCountNumberGrid count. You should set autoGridCount to false in order this property to work.
heightNumber40Height of scrollbar, in pixels.
hideResizeGripsBooleanfalseSpecifies whether resize grips are hidden when mouse is away from the scrollbar.
markPeriodChangeBooleanSpecifies if category axis of scrollbar should mark period change with a different date format.
positionStringbottomPosition of a scrollbar. Possible values are "top" and "bottom".
resizeEnabledBooleantrueSpecifies whether scrollbar has a resize feature.
scrollDurationNumberDuration of scrolling, when the user clicks on scrollbar's background, in seconds. Note, updateOnReleaseOnly should be set to false in order animation to happen.
selectedBackgroundAlphaNumberSelected background opacity.
selectedBackgroundColorColorSelected background color.
selectedGraphFillAlphaNumberSelected graph'sfill opacity.
selectedGraphFillColorColorSelected graph'sfill color.
selectedGraphLineAlphaNumberSelected graph'sline opacity.
selectedGraphLineColorColorSelected graph's line color.
updateOnReleaseOnlyBooleantrueSpecifies if the chart should be updated while dragging/resizing the scrollbar or only at the moment when user releases mouse button. Usefull when working with large data sets.
usePeriodStringThis is very important feature for those, who work with large data sets. You can tell ChartScrollbar what period it should use for it's graph and save a lot of time for rendering of this graph. For example, if your minPeriod is "DD" (days), set usePeriod = "WW" (weeks) and you will have 7 times less data points in scrollbar's graph. Note, the period you specify here should be set in CategoryAxesSettings.groupToPeriods.


ChartScrollbarSettings class does not have any methods.


ChartScrollbarSettings class does not have any events.