Creates an arrow for AmAngularGauge charts, multiple can be assigned.


var chart = AmCharts.makeChart("chartdiv",{
  "arrows": [
      "value": 10


alphaNumber1Opacity of an arrow.
axisGaugeAxisGaugeAxisAxis of the arrow. You can use reference to the axis or id of the axis. If you don't set any axis, the first axis of a chart will be used.
borderAlphaNumber1Opacity of arrow border.
clockWiseOnlyBooleanfalseIn case you need the arrow to rotate only clock-wise, set this property to true.
colorColor#000000Color of an arrow.
idStringUnique id of an arrow.
innerRadiusNumber/String0Inner radius of an arrow.
nailAlphaNumber1Opacity of a nail, holding the arrow.
nailBorderAlphaNumber0Opacity of nail border.
nailBorderThicknessNumber1Thickness of nail border.
nailRadiusNumber8Radius of a nail, holding the arrow.
radiusNumber/String90%Radius of an arrow.
startWidthNumber8Width of arrow root.
valueNumberValue to which the arrow should point at.


setValue(value)value - numberSets value for the arrow. Arrow will animate to this value if you do it after chart is written to it's container.


GaugeArrow class does not have any events.