GraphDataItem holds all the information about the graph's data item. When working with a chart, you do not create GraphDataItem objects or change it's properties directly. GraphDataItem is passed to you by events when user interacts with data item on the chart. The list of properties below will help you to extract data item's value/coordinate/etc.


alphaNumberOpacity of the data item.
bulletStringBullet type.
bulletSizeNumberBullet size.
categoryStringCategory value.
colorColorColor of the data item.
customBulletStringCustom bullet (path to file name).
dataContextObjectOriginal object from data provider.
fillColorsArray[Color]Array of colors of the data item, used by column and candlestick chart only.
percentsObjectObject which holds percents when recalculateToPercents is set to true.
serialDataItemSerialDataItemSerialDataItem of this graphDataItem
valuesObjectObject which holds values of the data item (value, open, close, low, high).
xNumberx coordinate of the data item.
yNumbery coordinate of the data item.


GraphDataItem class does not have any methods.


GraphDataItem class does not have any events.