Creates a label on the chart which can be placed anywhere, multiple can be assigned.


var chart = AmCharts.makeChart("chartdiv",{
	"allLabels": [
			"text": "Free label",
			"bold": true,
			"x": 20,
			"y": 20


boldBooleanfalseSpecifies if label is bold or not.
colorColorColor of a label.
idStringUnique id of a Label. You don't need to set it, unless you want to.
rotationNumber0Rotation angle.
sizeNumberText size.
tabIndexNumberIn case you set it to some number, the chart will set focus on the label when user clicks tab key. When a focus is set, screen readers like NVDA Screen reader will read the title. Note, not all browsers and readers support this.
textStringText of a label.
urlStringURL which will be access if user clicks on a label.
xNumber/StringX position of a label.
yNumber/Stringy position of a label.


Label class does not have any methods.


Label class does not have any events.