ChartCursorSettings settings set's settings for chart cursor. If you change a property after the chart is initialized, you should call stockChart.validateNow() method in order for it to work. If there is no default value specified, default value of ChartCursor class will be used.


balloonPointerOrientationStringhorizontalSpecifies orientation of value balloon pointer.
bulletsEnabledBooleanSpecifies if bullet for each graph will follow the cursor.
bulletSizeNumberSize of bullets, following the cursor.
categoryBalloonAlphaNumberOpacity of the category balloon.
categoryBalloonColorColorColor of the category balloon.
categoryBalloonDateFormatsArray[Object][{period:"YYYY", format:"YYYY"}, {period:"MM", format:"MMM, YYYY"}, {period:"WW", format:"MMM DD, YYYY"}, {period:"DD", format:"MMM DD, YYYY"}, {period:"hh", format:"JJ:NN"}, {period:"mm", format:"JJ:NN"}, {period:"ss", format:"JJ:NN:SS"}, {period:"fff", format:"JJ:NN:SS"}]Array of date format objects. Date format object must have "period" and "format" items. Available periods are: fff - millisecond, ss - second, mm - minute, hh - hour, DD - date, WW - week, MM - month, YYYY - year.
categoryBalloonEnabledBooleanSpecifies whether category balloon is enabled.
categoryBalloonFunctionAllows formatting any category balloon text you want. categoryBalloonFunction should return a string which will be displayed in a balloon. When categoryBalloonFunction is called, category value (or date) is passed as an argument.
categoryBalloonTextString[[category]]You can have [[category]] - [[toCategory]] tags in there and show category ranges this way.
colorColor#FFFFFFText color.
cursorAlphaNumberOpacity of the cursor line.
cursorColorColorColor of the cursor line.
cursorPositionStringPossible values: start, middle, mouse.
enabledBooleantrueSet this to "false" if you don't want chart cursor to appear in your charts.
fullWidthBooleanfalseIf set to true, instead of a cursor line user will see a fill which width will always be equal to the width of one data item. We'd recommend setting cursorAlpha to 0.1 or some other small number if using this feature.
graphBulletSizeNumber1.7Size of a graph's bullet (if available) at the cursor position. If you don't want the bullet to change it's size, set this property to 1.
leaveAfterTouchBooleantruehis makes cursor and balloons to remain after user touches the chart.
leaveCursorBooleanfalseSpecifies if cursor should be left at it's last position. Useful for touch devices - user might want to see the balloons after he moves finger away.
onePanelOnlyBooleanfalseIf you set this to true, Stock Chart will display value balloons on currently hovered panel only.
panBooleanIf this is set to true, the user will be able to pan the chart instead of zooming.
selectWithoutZoomingBooleanfalseSpecifies if cursor should only mark selected area but not zoom-in after user releases mouse button.
showNextAvailableBooleanfalseIf true, the graph will display balloon on next available data point if currently hovered item doesn't have value for this graph.
valueBalloonsEnabledBooleanfalseSpecifies whether value balloons are enabled. In case they are not, the balloons might be displayed anyway, when the user rolls-over the column or bullet.
valueLineAlphaNumberOpacity of value line. Will use cursorAlpha value if not set.
valueLineBalloonEnabledBooleanfalseSpecifies if value balloon next to value axis labels should be displayed. If you have more than one axis, set valueLineAxis property of ChartCursor to indicate which axis should display the balloon.
valueLineEnabledBooleanfalseSpecifies if cursor of Serial chart should display horizontal (or vertical if chart is rotated) line. This line might help users to compare distant values of a chart. You can also enable value balloon on this line by setting valueLineAxis property of ChartCursor.
zoomableBooleanSpecifies if the user can zoom-in the chart. If pan is set to true, zoomable is switched to false automatically.


ChartCursorSettings class does not have any methods.


ChartCursorSettings class does not have any events.