StockEvent is object which holds information about event (bullet). Values from StockEventsSettings will be used if not set. Stock event bullet's size depends on it's graphs fontSize. When user rolls-over, clicks or rolls-out of the event bullet, AmStockChart dispatches events.


backgroundAlphaNumber1Opacity of bullet background.
backgroundColorColor#DADADAColor of bullet background.
borderAlphaNumber1Opacity of bullet border.
borderColorColor#888888Bullet border color.
colorColor#000000The color of the event text.
dateDateDate of an event. Can be a string of date (using chart.dataDateFormat format) or Date object.
descriptionStringA description that will be shown in a balloon when user rolls over mouse cursor over event icon.
fontSize NumberSpecifies font size of a event bullet. Will use graph's or chart font size if not set.
graphStockGraphgraph on which event will be displayed. You can use a reference to the stock graph object or id of the graph.
rollOverColorString#CC0000Roll-over background color.
showAtStringAllows placing event bullets at open/close/low/high values.
showBulletBooleanfalseIf you set it to true, the data point will display both event and regular (if set) bullet.
showOnAxisBooleanfalseSpecifies if the event should be displayed on category axis
textStringLetter which will be displayed on the event. Not all types can display letters. "text" type can display longer texts.
typeStringsignType of bullet. Possible values are: "flag", "sign", "pin", "triangleUp", "triangleDown", "triangleLeft", "triangleRight", "text", "arrowUp", "arrowDown".
urlStringA URL to go to when user clicks the event.
urlTargetStringtarget of url, "_blank" for example.
valueNumberAllows placing event bullets at specified value.


StockEvent class does not have any methods.


StockEvent class does not have any events.