CategoryAxesSettings settings set's settings common for all CategoryAxes of StockPanels. If you change a property after the chart is initialized, you should call stockChart.validateNow() method in order for it to work. If there is no default value specified, default value of CategoryAxis class will be used.


alwaysGroupBooleanfalseIf this is set to true and groupToPeriods doesn't have CategoryAxesSettings.minPeriod value included, chart will always group values to the first period available.
autoGridCountBooleantrueSpecifies whether number of gridCount is specified automatically, according to the axis size.
axisAlphaNumber0Axis opacity.
axisColorColorAxis color.
axisHeightNumber28Height of category axes. Set it to 0 if you set inside property to true.
axisThicknessNumberThickness of the axis.
boldLabelsBooleanSpecifies if axis labels should be bold or not.
boldPeriodBeginningBooleantrueWhen parse dates is on for the category axis, the chart will try to highlight the beginning of the periods, like month, in bold. Set this to false to disable the functionality.
colorColorText color.
dashLengthNumberLength of a dash.
dateFormatsArray[Object]Date formats of different periods. Possible period values: fff - milliseconds, ss - seconds, mm - minutes, hh - hours, DD - days, MM - months, WW - weeks, YYYY - years. Check this page for date formatting strings.
equalSpacingBooleanfalseIf you want data points to be placed at equal intervals (omiting dates with no data), set equalSpacing to true.
fillAlphaNumberFill opacity. Every second space between grid lines can be filled with fillColor.
fillColorColorFill color. Every second space between grid lines can be filled with color. Set fillAlpha to a value greater than 0 to see the fills.
fontSizeNumberText size.
gridAlphaNumberOpacity of grid lines.
gridColorColorColor of grid lines.
gridCountNumber10Approximate number of grid lines. You should set autoGridCount to false in order this property not to be ignored.
gridThicknessNumberThickness of grid lines.
groupToPeriodsArray[String]["ss", "10ss", "30ss", "mm", "10mm", "30mm", "hh", "DD", "WW", "MM", "YYYY"]Periods to which data will be grouped in case there are more data items in the selected period than specified in maxSeries property.
insideBooleanfalseSpecifies whether values should be placed inside or outside of plot area.
labelOffsetNumber0You can use it to adjust position of axis labels.
labelRotationNumberRotation angle of a label.
labelsEnabledBooleantrueSpecifies whether axis displays category axis' labels and value axis' values.
markPeriodChangeBooleantrueSpecifies if period period should be marked with a different date format.
maxSeriesNumber150Maximum series shown at a time. In case there are more data points in the selection than maxSeries, the chart will group data to longer periods, for example - you have 250 days in the selection, and maxSeries is 150 - the chart will group data to weeks.
minHorizontalGapNumber75This property is used when calculating grid count. It specifies minimum cell width required for one span between grid lines.
minorGridAlphaNumberOpacity of minor grid. In order minor to be visible, you should set minorGridEnabled to true.
minorGridEnabledBooleanSpecifies if minor grid should be displayed.

NOTE: If equalSpacing is set to true, this setting will be ignored.
minPeriodStringDDSpecifies the shortest period of your data. fff - millisecond, ss - second, mm - minute, hh - hour, DD - day, MM - month, YYYY - year.

It's also possible to supply a number for increments, i.e. "15mm" which will instruct the chart that your data is supplied in 15 minute increments.
positionString"top" or "bottom".
startOnAxisBooleanfalseSpecifies whether the graph should start on axis or not. In case you display columns, it is recommended to set this to false. startOnAxis can be set to true only if equalSpacing is set to true.
tickLengthNumber0Tick length.
twoLineModeBooleanfalseWorks only when parseDates is set to true and equalSpacing is false. If you set it to true, at the position where bigger period changes, category axis will display date strings of bot small and big period, in two rows.


CategoryAxesSettings class does not have any methods.


CategoryAxesSettings class does not have any events.