AmStockChart is a main class Stock chart.


addClassNamesBooleanfalseSpecifies, if class names should be added to chart elements.
amExportAmExportAmExport object.
animationPlayedBooleanSpecifies if animation was already played. Animation is only played once, when chart is rendered for the first time. If you want the animation to be repeated, set this property to false.
autoResizeBooleantrueSet this to false if you don't want chart to resize itself whenever its parent container size changes.
balloonAmBalloonAmBalloonBalloon object.
categoryAxesSettingsCategoryAxesSettingsCategoryAxesSettingsSettings for category axes.
chartCreatedBooleanRead-only. Indicates if the chart is created.
chartCursorSettingsChartCursorSettingsChartCursorSettingsChart cursor settings.
chartScrollbarSettingsChartScrollbarSettingsChartScrollbarSettingsChart scrollbar settings.
classNamePrefixStringamchartsThis prefix is added to all class names which are added to all visual elements of a chart in case addClassNames is set to true.
colorsArray[Color]["#FF6600", "#FCD202", "#B0DE09", "#0D8ECF", "#2A0CD0", "#CD0D74", "#CC0000", "#00CC00", "#0000CC", "#DDDDDD", "#999999", "#333333", "#990000"]Array of colors used by data sets if no color was set explicitly on data set itself.
comparedDataSetsArray[DataSet]Array of data sets selected for comparing.
dataDateFormatStringData provider of data set can have dates as Date Objects or as Strings. In case you use strings, you need to set data date format and the chart will parse dates to date objects. Check this page for date formatting strings.

Please note that two-digit years (YY) is NOT supported in this setting.
dataSetsArray[DataSet]Array of DataSets.
dataSetSelectorDataSetSelectorDataSetSelector object. You can add it if you have more than one data set and want users to be able to select/compare them.
endDateRead-only. Current end date of the selected period, get only. To set start/end dates, use stockChart.zoom(startDate, endDate) method.
exportObjectExport config. Specifies how export to image/data export/print/annotate menu will look and behave. You can find a lot of examples in amcharts/plugins/export folder. More details can be found here.
extendToFullPeriodBooleantrueSpecifies if the chart should always display full first and last data item when data is grouped to a longer period if the chart is zoomed from the beginning or end of the data.
firstDayOfWeekNumber1Defines on which day week starts. 0 - Sunday, 1 - Monday...
glueToTheEndBooleanfalseIf set to true the scope of the data view will be set to the end after data update.
languageStringAllows changing language easily.

Note: you should include language js file from amcharts/lang or ammap/lang folder and then use variable name used in this file, like chart.language = "de".
legendSettingsLegendSettingsLegendSettingsLegend settings.
listenersArray[Object]You can add listeners of events using this property. Example: listeners = [{"event":"dataUpdated", "method":handleEvent}];
mainDataSetDataSetData set selected as main.
mouseWheelScrollEnabledBooleanfalseSpecifies if scrolling of a chart with mouse wheel is enabled.
panelsArray[StockPanel]Array of StockPanels (charts).
panelsSettingsPanelsSettingsPanelsSettingsSettings for stock panels.
pathStringamcharts/Specifies absolute or relative path to amCharts files, i.e. "amcharts/". (where all .js files are located)

If relative URLs are used, they will be relative to the current web page, displaying the chart.

You can also set path globally, using global JavaScript variable AmCharts_path. If this variable is set, and "path" is not set in chart config, the chart will assume the path from the global variable. This allows setting amCharts path globally. I.e.:

var AmCharts_path = "/libs/amcharts/";

"path" parameter will be used by the charts to locate it's files, like images, plugins or patterns.
pathToImagesStringSpecifies path to the folder where images like resize grips, lens and similar are.

IMPORTANT: Since V3.4.12, you should use "path" to point to amCharts directory instead. The "pathToImages" will be automatically set and does not need to be in the chart config, unless you keep your images separately from other amCharts files.
periodSelectorPeriodSelectorPeriod selector object. You can add it if you want user's to be able to enter date ranges or zoom chart with predefined period buttons.
processTimeoutNumber0If you set it to 1 millisecond or some bigger value, chart will be built in chunks instead of all at once. This is useful if you work with a lot of data and the initial build of the chart takes a lot of time, which freezes the whole web application by not allowing other processes to do their job while the chart is busy.
scrollbarChartAmSerialChartRead-only. Scrollbar's chart object.
startDateRead-only. Current start date of the selected period. To set start/end dates, use stockChart.zoom(startDate, endDate) method.
stockEventsSettingsStockEventsSettingsStockEventsSettingsSettings for stock events.
typeStringRead-only. Type of the chart.
valueAxesSettingsValueAxesSettingsValueAxesSettingsSettings for value axes.
versionStringRead-only. Indicates current version of a script.
zoomOutOnDataSetChangeBooleanfalseSpecifies whether the chart should zoom-out when main data set is changed.


addListener(type, handler)type - string like 'dataUpdated' (should be listed in 'events' section of this class). handler - function which is called when event happensAdds event listener to the object.
addPanel(panel)panel - [[StockPanel]]Adds panel to the stock chart. Requires stockChart.validateNow() method to be called after this action.
addPanelAt(panel, index)panel - [[StockPanel]], index - NumberAdds panel to the stock chart at a specified index. Requires stockChart.validateNow() method to be called after this action.
clear()Destroys chart, all timeouts and listeners.
hideStockEvents() Hides event bullets.
removeListener(obj, type, handler) Removes event listener from the object.
removePanel(panel)panel - [[StockPanel]]Removes panel from the stock chart. Requires stockChart.validateNow() method to be called after this action.
showStockEvents() Shows event bullets.
validateData() Method which should be called after data was changed.
validateNow(validateData, skipEvents) Method which forces the stock chart to rebuild. Should be called after properties are changed.This method should be called after you changed one or more properties of any class. The chart will redraw after this method is called.Both attributes, validateData and skipEvents are optional (false by default).
write(container)container - id of a DIV or DIV object which will hold the chartChart instanceAdds chart to the specified DIV.
zoom(startDate, endDate)startDate, endDate - Date objects.Zooms chart to specified dates.
zoomOut() Zooms out the chart.


NameEvent objectDescription
buildStarted{type:"buildStarted", chart:AmStockChart} Fired just before the chart starts to build itself for the first time. Note: you might need to set processTimeout to > 0 value in order to register this event properly.
clickStockEvent{type:"clickStockEvent", eventObject:eventObject, graph:graph, date:date, chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the user clicks on the Stock event (bullet).
dataUpdated{type:"dataUpdated", chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the chart was updated with new data.
init{type:"init", chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the chart is initialized for the first time. In case you want it to fire again after validateNow() method is called, set chart.chartCreated = false.
panelRemoved{type:"panelRemoved", panel:panel, chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the StockPanel is removed.
rendered{type:"init", chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched each when chart is rendered.
rollOutStockEvent{type:"rollOutStockEvent", eventObject:eventObject, graph:graph, date:date, chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the user rolls-out of the Stock event (bullet).
rollOverStockEvent{type:"rollOverStockEvent", eventObject:eventObject, graph:graph, date:date, chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the user rolls-over the Stock event (bullet).
zoomed{type:"zoomed", startDate:startDate, endDate:endDate, period:period, chart:AmStockChart}Dispatched when the chart is zoomed (even for the first time, when chart is initialized).