DataSet is objects which holds all information about data.


categoryFieldStringCategory field name in your dataProvider. It needs to contains a date/time value.

Note: we recommend using JavaScript timestamps to specify date/time. If you are specifying dates as strings in your data, i.e. "2015-01-05", we strongly recommend setting dataDateFormat as well.
colorStringColor of the data set. One of colors from AmStockChart.colors array will be used if not set.
comparedBooleanfalseWhether this data set is selected for comparing. If you change this property, you should call stockChart.validateData() method in order the changes to be applied.
dataProviderArray[Object]An array of data points to be used as data.

Important: the data points needs to come pre-ordered in ascending order. Data with incorrect order might result in visual and functional glitches on the chart.
fieldMappingsArray[Object]Array of field mappings. Field mapping is an object with fromField and toField properties. fromField is a name of your value field in dataProvider. toField might be chosen freely, it will be used to set value/open/close/high/low fields for the StockGraph. Example: {fromField:"val1", toField:"value"}.
showInCompareBooleantrueSpecifies whether this data set should be visible in "compare to" list.
showInSelectBooleantrueSpecifies whether this data set should be visible in "select" dropdown.
stockEventsArray[StockEvent]Array of StockEvent objects.
titleStringDataSet title.


DataSet class does not have any methods.


DataSet class does not have any events.